Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Accounts get immediate access upon sign up and we are ready to spool emails immediately after you add our secondary mx record.
All of our servers are located in multiple Amazon Web Services data centers in Oregon, which is one of the safest geographic regions in the United States. Our staff cannot view spooled messages for any domains, only you can within your account. Our application also utilizes standard secure sockets layer (SSL) communication with your web browser, thus the communication between your browser and our server is over a secure connection.
Our service is not complicated, there is no hardware or software to install. To activate the service for your domain involves a simple addition of our secondary MX records to your DNS files.
There are no limitations on the number of messages received or disk space utilized. That is all included with your service. The only limit we place is that we don't accept any messages which contain over 35 MB in attachments in order to avoid denial of service attacks.
Our servers are constantly cycling through messages in our spoolers to try and resend them. Typically a message that might be spooled will be retried between 1-4 hours. The messages are pushed back to your servers automatically by our systems, there is no manual control over this process.
The service will immediately start working when a sending email server is unable to connect to your primary mail server. This means that your primary mx record is unreachable on port 25. There is nothing you have to do to initiate the failover, it happens automatically.
In order to protect you and ourselves we do some high level anti-spam and anti-virus filtering. We utilize ClamAV for anti-virus filtering. To protect us against spam we utilize greylisting and 3 very reputable DNSBL blacklists. However we are not an anti-spam service, you strictly must use us as a secondary mx. is one of the first properties under the Intertune brand. Our parent company has been providing backup mx and email security solutions since 2000. We strive to provide services to businesses that run their digital presence. We are based in San Diego, California.
Our redundant server architecture is located in multiple Amazon Web Services data centers in the Oregon region. We have built fault tolerance in every layer of our infrastructure.
While we don't offer a free trial, if you are not satisfied with our services within 7 days after you sign up let us know and we'll refund your entire purchase.